Magento Upgrade

Magento Update Looks Attractive?

Magento Upgrade

Magento 1 support stops on June 30, 2020, and today is a high time to move your store to a newer Magento version. Magento Upgrade easily with our help. All data will be migrated to Magento 2 while upgrading your store.
Move all catalog, customer list, order histories, and other data to work flawlessly for the next several years. No hardships when it comes to transferring all data from one shop to another while using our help!
We provide you with a free demo version of our product so you can make sure everything works as you’ve imagined!

Magento Update Looks Attractive?

Our Security policy ensures that all your data is in safe and there is not a single chance of the information leaks
All transfers are conducted via separate servers which ensure superb security
We use the HTTPS protocol and 128-bit SSL to secure your data
All our staff is authorized so each person that has access to your data is a trustworthy specialist
We get rid of all data and records we have after the transition is done
We guarantee that all the data we have is used for migration purposes only
Magento Upgrade

We Support Upgraded Magento Versions

Avoid complications with a simple transferring from Magento to Magento with our solution.


Upgrade to Magento 2.1


Upgrade to Magento 2.2


Upgrade to Magento 2.3


Upgrade Magento 1.7 to 2.3


Upgrade Magento 1.8 to 2.3


Upgrade Magento 1.9 to 2.3

4 steps

Go through 4 steps to upgrade Magento

1. Attach your source cart

All you need is to put in the link for your source store. The rest is done by our solution.

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2. Attach your target cart

All you need is to put in the link for your target store. The rest is done by our solution.

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3. Put in the migration data

Pick the data you want to be transferred and match it with Magento ones.

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4. Start your transfer

If you enjoyed the demo version then purchase the full version to transfer your full store.

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Transferring with Our Solution

You don’t have to have experience in coding or anything PC-related. You just need to press several buttons and wait for a couple of hours while your store is transferring.

More than 80 carts


Available source store

All-around-the-clock support


Magento Upgrade
«Planning the new migration soon! I have been using your solution several times and I will use it again and again. It saves a great amount of time and money and involves no programming skills! Great!»


«The service is just great. The transferring is so easy with this solution that it just neatly seems like a dream.»


«My life has never been the same after I’ve tried your solution! The process doesn’t take long and it is easy to go through myself. Even though I faced an issue, the support team helped me out as fast as they could!»

John Due


Does transferring affects the source store?
The transferring doesn’t affect the existing store. It will work during and after the full transferring process. So don’t worry about that.
Is your service expensive?
All prices are flexible due to the options you want to use. The final price depends on the source and target store types and the number of data you want to transfer. Don’t forget that you can check the price with the help of your professional calculator.
Do you have a demo version to try?
You can download a free demo version that will help you to understand what exactly you need with your store transfer. You will be able to transfer a limited number of products, customers’ lists, etc. When you understand that this is what you need, we highly recommend purchasing a full version to transfer the rest.
Is it possible to run a transferring without the target store installed?
Yes, you can. Our solution has an option for merchants who want to use the latest software!

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